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Aggressive DUI & DWI Defense in Northern MN

Fighting For Your Rights in Bemidji, Grand Rapids, Park Rapids, Beltrami County and throughout Northern Minnesota

Maybe you had never done it before, or maybe it was the hundredth time you had driven home from the bar, and suddenly, you're looking at red and blue lights in your rear view mirror. The police officer may have given you a reason to pull you over, or they may have manufactured something like "you touched the center or shoulder line" or "I thought your tabs were expired and wanted to make sure". No matter the circumstances around your DWI / DUI arrest in Northern Minnesota, one thing is an absolute certainty:

You CAN fight your DWI, and it DOES make a difference

You are probably thinking that having that last beer or drink and then getting in your car was the worst mistake of your life. That fact of the matter is, thousands of people are arrested for DUI and DWI throughout the state of Minnesota every year, and the effect the DWI arrest has on your life has a lot to do with whether or not your hire an experienced DWI lawyer. So while getting arrested for a DWI probably was due to at least one mistake or error in judgement, don't make it worse by pleading guilty or settling for a bad deal from the prosecutor.

Bemidji, Grand Rapids, Park Rapids & Beltrami County DWI Defense

There ARE solid defenses to almost every DUI / DWI arrest, it's just a matter of finding the defense, and then bringing it to the prosecutor's attention at the right time. There are times that all evidence should be brought forward immediately in an attempt to get Beltrami County to simply drop the charges, or there are other cases where we keep our cards "close to our vest" and then play our hand at trial to get a not-guilty verdict.

Every case is different, and the outcomes are certainly varied, but one thing is for certain:

Pleading guilty without fighting the charges will get you the WORST possible result from your DWI arrest almost every time.

If you have been arrested in Bemidji, Grand Rapids, Park Rapids, Beltrami County or anywhere else in Northern Minnesota, call the MN DUI Guy, Harvey Skees. I can answer your questions over the phone or via text, and provide a free initial consultation for all new clients.

Don't let one simple mistake follow you around for the rest of your life. Fight your DWI charge to get the best possible outcome. Call Harvey Skees today.